The Fightback Tale of a Covid Positive Doctor and his Entire Family #Covidsurvivors

By Dr. Sahil Garg

I am sharing my experience with #COVID with all of you.

It’s a matter of 23rd June 2020.

My father came back home from his daily work, sanitized his belongings and took his shower as usual. After a while, he started to have irritation in his throat. He avoided the condition by saying that it’s due to his consuming java plums. But I’m a doctor, it was important for me to check him, as my sister and her two months old girl had come to stay in our house. Upon checking, the fever was 99.2F. I was then a bit afraid thinking that the worst may have happened, but it was not prudent on my part to take a sudden step at that point in time. So, I shifted my father to a different floor and we all slept comfortably that night. The next day, when he felt a bit sick, I gave him Ayurveda treatment including “Giloy Tribhuvanakirti” and “Sudarshan Vati” and asked him to take rest. The next day, that is 25th June, when I noticed no improvement in his health, my suspicion began to change into belief. The day after that, I arranged for his Rapid Ag test and the thing that I feared turned out to be true, my father was COVID positive. It was natural to feel devastated in such a situation, and to add to that misery, I did my test and that too turned out to be positive! We both gave samples for RTPCR test and returned home, and the results of these tests too came out positive after two days. There was an atmosphere of great concern in the house, but I told myself that this was not the time to panic. We both shifted ourselves to different floors and the remaining family members i.e. my mother, sister and her baby were all on different floors. From that night, I too started having fever and pain. I began fearing for my three family members. The next morning, without wasting any time, I made all arrangements on the phone to get them tested, and while the clouds of fear and anxiety were still hovering over us, the test of my mother and the little baby too turned out positive. My entire family had tested Covid Positive!! In such a situation, the imbalance of my mental state was inevitable, but I somehow kept all of it to myself. There was no way I could step outside and there’s only limited that I could do sitting at home. Now was the actual time to take decisions, but I couldn’t understand a thing. My father and I, first thought of getting admitted to the hospital so that the other family members could live in isolation in the house, since in a city like Delhi, there are no big houses that could have saved my sister from getting positive. Having made all arrangements on phone, I asked for a referral for the hospital and ambulance to maintain distance from my loved ones. We contemplated to get admitted in the nearby Ayurveda hospital, but something else was written for us and written well, I must say. After discussing at home, we finally decided that my father, mother and I would stay at home and sister would be shifted with her baby to our second house where a floor was vacant. By now, my mother started having severe fever and body pain and as I remember, it was ofcourse the most difficult time for her. The very next day I called for all the different medicines and instruments like Thermometer and Oximeter for everyone.

The worst had happened, now it was the turn to get cured. We all started Ayurveda medicines and kept checking symptoms from time to time. Decoction, gargles, steam, medicines, mantra recitation, yoga all started in full swing. Ofcourse, I cared about my family, regardless of myself. On one hand, I had a two-month-old girl and a father who suffers from diabetes and on the other my mother’s condition deteriorated with her fever reaching 103.5F and SPO2 to 90 while my sister who had Caesarean section delivery had kidney disease. So in such a situation, I felt obliged to forget my own pain and put my family first. I ensured that they kept on with the decoction, steam, juice, water, medicines day and night. Even in this condition of mine, I was doing 40 to 50 rounds of the 3 storeyed building in a day. This led to severe pain in my back, but somehow I kept going as I couldn’t quit now. I had to do it anyway. I meditated and started doing everything all over again. We all were taking our own Ayurveda treatment including my sister while the baby was being breastfed. After two days, my sister and the baby too developed high grade fever. Though I feared tremendously, but I was convinced with my Ayurveda treatment. Since my sister and her baby were away in another house, everything had to be explained over the phone only. When the baby’s health started deteriorating, I asked my sister to show her to the nearest Covid hospital. The attending doctor told her to continue staying at home. Days passed in anxiety while the Ayurveda treatment continued and the symptoms were fluctuating. I had myself treated 6 Corona patients with Ayurveda earlier, so I had complete faith and belief in Ayurveda. It often happens that patients get nervous on testing positive and run to hospitals, but for me, the question was of the whole family and I couldn’t panic. The main trait needed now was patience, which I somehow managed to keep.

Patience paid and we got a glimpse of happiness when on 7th July, 2020, we all got tested Negative. Now we are completing our isolation period as per government orders, and adapting to daily Ayurveda habits. Today we are safe and happy, because of that patience and the right steps taken at the right time.

I earnestly request all of you, not to panic from Corona but treat it with patience and under proper guidance. If you want to keep your family safe, do not ignore any symptoms. The disease is not major and the question is not how and when it will happen, the question is how to avoid it and save others. Keep having a positive mindset at all times to find the right solution.

Bless you all !

Jai Hind, Jai Ayurveda

More about the Author

Dr. Sahil Garg (B.A.M.S, CRAV, DPC, CCY, CCHM) is a Senior Research Fellow at the
Central Ayurveda Research Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases, New Delhi.
Sahil practices in the field of Male Infertility and Chronic Disorders in Delhi.
He is fond of traveling and exploring new things and places.

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The Fightback Tale of a Covid Positive Doctor and his Entire Family #Covidsurvivors
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