Covid Diaries – Experiences & Views of a Distinguished few..

MMR Vaccine: A protective weapon against #COVID-19 (The possibility of using MMR to boost Immune system and reduce Covid 19 associated Morbidity and Mortality)

By Bincy M Biju (M.Sc. Biotechnology) and Dr. Chiradeep Sarkar (Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology) at G.N.Khalsa College (Autonomous), Mumbai, India. [Note: Numbers mentioned in parenthesis relate to References that are mentioned at the end of this article] Zoonotic disease or zoonosis is a type of disease that is transmitted from animals or birds to humans. […]

6 Additions Needed In Your Skill Set To Future Proof Your Career In The Post #Covid World

  By Rahul Varshneya, Co-founder at an Information Tech Co. The COVID 19 pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the digital disruption in the modern-day businesses. The digital transformation that many organizations are forced to enter threatens to widen the existing mismatch between skills and employer needs. The economic slowdown and its resultant downturn have […]

To be or not to be – lets box that question

By Dr Nikhil Patravali
FRANZCOG, FRCOG, AFRACMA, DGO, DFFP, Dip Med Edu, MBBS. Head of Department Gynaecology, Nepean hospital , Sydney. Australia.
I opened my eyes and the air sifted a perturbed vortex around me. ‘How was it that the world had changed overnight or was it in a nanosecond?’ my mind rattled. ‘Am I alive or have I actually passed on ?’

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