Who we are and not..

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We are Crowd..
We are You..
We are One..

We are the Attempt..
Albeit a genuine one.
We gather the most reliable information available on the web.

We are Concerned..
Least we could do is refer to government archives / resources of 30 countries for the most accurate data and the purest representation of the pandemic.(Reference : World Health Organization, https://datahub.io/core/covid-19#data, https://www.worldometers.info/ )
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about covidpatterns
who we are

We are a “novel” Thought..
We think, we process, we analyse, we predict.. and present back to you Patterns.
Patterns that you can put to use in forms no one would’ve thought prior..

We are the Data Intelligence..
We can’t cure this.. but we can curate Patterns.
Patterns to Predict.. Project.. Compare.. and Decide..
Patterns of NCV – C19 amongst Nations.. amongst Cities.. amongst Us..
Patterns to Defeat this virus..
Patterns that speak volumes..
Patterns of Survival..
Patterns of Victory..
Patterns of Rejoicement..
Patterns of Life.


We are the Grey Matter..
That is abundantly present in us all.

We are the method to the madness..
We show what’s working and what’s not..
To help take decisions..
To those tough calls, we are the Answer..
Whether to remain indoors and save lives? Or to go out and earn our livelihoods? Is the Lockdown working? Whether it is worth it?

We are Tough, as much as you are…

We are Crowd..
We are You..
We are One..

We are in this.. Together!

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